Business Support

We currently provide employment and training support to any service usegenesis_whitebr across all of our projects.

Youth Engagement Solutions are currently working with Genesis Housing to provide specialist support to young entrepreneurs across London. The project is not exclusively aimed at Genesis residents, so if you live  a Genesis property and are interested in business, please get in touch!

So far 24 young people participated in business support workshops and 9 are receiving 1-to-1 support.

Businesses include furniture, music, fashion, hairdressing, heating, plumbing and recycling- a few photos from some of the more advanced stage businesses below!

The project aims to help:

  • Young People to decide if business or self employment is for them.
  • Young people making the transition from employment to entrepreneurship.
  • Fledgling or struggling businesses that are already in operation.

Want further information or to get involved with this project? Contact us below!